Brian came kicking and screaming into this world the same year that mobs of teenaged Liverpudlian girls started packing the Cavern Club to see the Beatles. He's the oldest of three boys, which provided all kinds of entertainment while growing up--and no end of grief for his wonderful, amazing parents. Then again, when push comes to shove--and with brothers, that happened a lot--he wouldn't change it for anything.

Brian worked his way through high school and went on to college. Having graduated with an unusual double major of microbiology and psychology, he went on to earn a graduate degree in psychology. He then spent over a decade as a therapist.

In March 2000, he abruptly changed careers and became a financial advisor. He continues his career in the world of finance.

Brian can sometimes be spotted around southeastern Michigan with his wife, daughter, and two step-daughters. In addition to writing, he enjoys golf, and travel.

Brian can be followed on Facebook and on Twitter at @BrianWMatthews